Manuka Honey - not only from New Zealand

Manuka Honey - not only from New Zealand

Manuka Honey not Only from New Zealand,

Many people in the world think that Manuka Honey comes only from New Zealand, But they are totally wrong.

At the University of the Sunshine Coast's honey laboratory(QLD), hundreds of samples of nectar and honey produced by Leptospermum shrubs and trees sent by professional and amateur beekeepers around Australia have bee tested.

They tested over 5000 honey samples, and over 2000 nectar samples, covering more than 50 species of Leptospermum.

They have identified at least seven key Australian Leptospermum species, distributed across numerous locations, which produce honey with exceptionally high levels of antibacterial activity, and many others that produce crops of honey that are of high value as premium table honeys.

In addition, they found that the antimicrobial activity of Australian Leptospermum honey correlates with its methylglyoxal (MGO) content, and this in turn is dependent on the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) content of the Leptospermum nectar source.


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